拉塞尔 – 威斯布鲁克的三双确实没有胜过他的新队友雷

拉塞尔 – 威斯布鲁克的三双确实没有胜过他的新队友雷

拉塞尔 – 威斯布鲁克是雷霆队的第三得分手周四晚上。 Oklahoma City won by 21 points anyway—a thought that would have been incomprehensible a few months ago.

但是,这是每个人都想像,当雷霆一倍向下今年夏天,在获取卡梅隆·安东尼对于交易后保罗 – 乔治早在休赛期。 The result was a three-headed attack that allowed Westbrook to be efficient in ways his kamikaze ball couldn’t allow for last season. Russ scored 21 on over 50% shooting, while Melo and PG feasted on open looks, overcoming early struggles to pour in 22 and 28 points, respectively.

雷霆的进攻新面貌明显早。 Westbrook could run pick-and-rolls with史蒂芬·亚当斯无漆的恐惧变成四肢的渊薮。 The ball was swinging on the perimeter and defenders actually had to close out. In short, Oklahoma City had spacing—a 21st-century concept that last year’s byzantine team came nowhere close to achieving.


当然,尼克斯是不完全是一个测量棒,尤其是在本赛季不会这么早。 Tim Hardaway has a long way to go to justify his contract, and OKC knows all too well about Enes Kanter’s defensive issues.克里斯塔普斯·波尔津吉斯是唯一的亮点,抓12个篮板与31分一起去。 Porzingis also defended Melo for multiple stretches, a fun sight in the wake of Anthony’s Knicks days.



雷霆仍然有问题,理清自己。 Patrick Patterson—who can theoretically provide even more spacing from the center position—failed to make a mark Thursday in seven minutes of action. And there was a little bit too much one-on-one, take-your-turn offense early in the night, which should sort itself out as the season goes along.

但雷霆不可能在一个万众瞩目的揭幕战要求更多。 Westbrook posted one of his trademark triple-doubles (an absurd 16 assists and 10 rebounds) without having to flagrantly disrespect his teammates. Anthony could score without hijacking the offense from the elbow. And George looks ready to settle into a role in which he doesn’t have to carry the entire scoring burden, which also means more energy for his stifling defense.

唉,不过多的乐趣是,我们不要反应过度。 The Thunder will face better challengers in the last days of October (the Wolves twice, the Jazz, the Bucks) who will provide a much stiffer test than the Knicks could. More information can be gleaned from those matchups, especially if one of them happens to be close down the stretch. After one night, though, the Thunder’s stars are clicking in earnest.


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